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Dimitrios A. Theofilou
Lawyer & Law Office
MSc in Criminal Law and Addictions

Dimitrios Theofilou Law Office provides legal services and advice with responsibility, consistency and professionalism to natural and legal persons. By responding promptly to the needs and requests of our principals, we aim to safeguard their interests, achieve their business goals and ensure their full legal coverage. The office has extensive experience in criminal, commercial and civil law cases and a strong judicial presence.

Contact your law firm for reliable services on any legal matter you are concerned with.

We support individuals and businesses to deal with simple or highly complex cases that need special handling, both at the prevention level and at the level of their court resolution, serving Drama, Kavala and all over Greece.





High scientific training is a guarantee for the quality of the legal services we offer you.


There is also the possibility of providing advice and counseling with the provision of legal advice.


We are looking for a better legal approach to your affairs and providing full, personalized legal support.


is the efficient handling of cases and the essential representation of our principals.


Family Law
Criminal law
Inheritance law
Commercial law
Law of obligations
Enforced Law