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Dimitrios A. Theofilou
Lawyer & Law Office
MSc in Criminal Law and Addiction



 Crimes against life (homicide with intent, manslaughter from negligence, infanticide, exposure)
 Crimes against personal liberty (rape, trafficking in human beings, kidnapping, illegal retention, unlawful violence, self-justice, threat, disruption of domestic peace)
 Drugs (drug trafficking, special cases, special cases, special occasions, challenge and advertising, cannabis use, drug use, prescription drug forgery, treatment of addicted drug users)
 Financial crime (tax evasion for the issuance or acceptance of false, adulterated or fictitious tax information, tax evasion for failure to submit or submission of an inaccurate statement of income tax, tax evasion for non-reimbursement or inaccurate VAT return and withholding taxes, fees or charges , non-payment of debts to the State and third parties)
 Rape, abuse of sexual dignity, abuse of childhood, seduction of children, abuse of minors in lewdness, abuse of power, incest, relapses, facilitation of others, pornography of children, attraction of children for sexual purposes, child pornography, pimping, exploitation prostitution, trafficking in human beings, child pornography for a fee)
 Criminal organization, terrorist acts, money laundering
 Body injuries (simple bodily injury, unprovoked bodily injury, dangerous physical injury, severe bodily harm, fatal injury, engagement, personal injury from negligence)
 Torture and other insults to human dignity
 Resistance, oblivion, escape and attitude of detainees
 Crimes against property (theft, accusations of theft, embezzlement, distinct forms of embezzlement, swearing, robbery, robbery, deadly robbery or robbery resulting in heavy bodily harm, robbery robbed with robbery, robbery theft, , distinct cases of wear and tear)
 Crimes against the property (fraud, prominent frauds, extortion, tattoo extortion, lethal testicular extortion, tattoo extortion resulting in heavy physical injury, tactful extortion with particularly hardness, business extortion, acceptance and disposal of crime products, defamation of creditors, usury)
 Price crimes (incitement, unreasonable demeaning, defamation, slanderous defamation, defamation of a public limited company, insulting memory)
 Crimes relating to the pleadings (forgery, forgery of false certificates, misappropriation of documents)
 Pseudorrhya, false seduction, criminals
 Employee bribe, employee bribe, false affirmation, adultery, etc., service-related infidelity, embezzlement, breach of duty
 Commonly dangerous crimes (arson, flood, explosion, explosive offenses, shipwreck, poisoning of sources and food)
 Counterfeiting, circulation of counterfeited currencies
 Marriage and family crimes (childhood, breach of maintenance obligations, neglect of the supervision of a minor)
Special Criminal Laws (drug-related offenses, aliens, antiquities, insurance contributions, cars, forestry offenses, extradited persons, domestic violence, check, zooplus - zoo, scuba diving, shops - entertainment centers, traffic code, smuggling, weapons - ammunition and explosives , gambling, tax offenses)